Fulkrum Adds Oceaneering Inspection Division  | Rigzone

Fulkrum Technical Resources (FTR) reported Tuesday that it is supplying services formerly provided by Oceaneering’s third-party inspection division. Having taken in Oceaneering’s third-party inspection unit, FTR noted in a written statement emailed to Rigzone that it has added two Oceaneering alums to its staff.

FTR, which is based in Aberdeen, U.K., stated that industry veterans Kelly McKimmie and Mike Christie have joined the company from Oceaneering. McKimmie, with nearly three decades of experience, has joined FTR as a senior inspection coordinator. With 35 years of industry experience, Christie holds the title senior inspector and technical advisor with FTR.

“We had been working with Oceaneering to provide inspection services for some time now, so this partnership made perfect sense,” FTR Commercial Director Owen Gibbons commented regarding the handover from Oceaneering. “We’re delighted to have supported Oceaneering as they streamline their service offering and, as a result, we have gained two fantastic members of staff and a portfolio of more than a dozen exciting new clients.”

With the change FTR stated that it will provide third-party inspection services – including temporary equipment inspection – to several key operators and contractors, including Chrysaor and Oceaneering itself.

“Kelly and Mike bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge that is invaluable, they’ll fit right in with our existing team in Aberdeen and globally,” remarked Gibbons.

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